SWIM - "The Chase" Official Music Video



Following the success of "The Chase" on Spotify and other streaming platforms, SWIM follows up with the official music video for their feel-good single, filmed and edited by the multitalented Brennan Pierson (@forgetbrennan).

The video finds the band of four exploring New York City and performing at iconic locations such as Central Park and Times Square. The opening shot features the members of the band sitting down to read the newspaper on a bench in Central Park. They quickly stand up, bringing the viewer along on their journey through NYC. They stop to perform on the lawn in Central Park, under the lights of Times Square, and on a rooftop downtown. The band also makes time for some fun - riding the famous Central Park carousel and stopping for a slice of delicious New York pizza.

The Chase is about the indescribable feeling we all experience in the early stages of a romantic relationship, highlighting the rush that accompanies getting to know someone and the uncertainty and self-doubt that may follow.

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SWIM is a pop-rock band originating from Stony Brook, NY. The members of SWIM inherited a love for classic rock and combined it with their love for indie rock (The Strokes, The Kooks, The Killers) and pop-rock (One Direction, Coldplay, The Lumineers) to create a modern pop-rock sound that is fun and refreshing. Dan McCaffrey(23), Nick Riviezzo (24), Brian D’Angio (21), and Pat Morelli (21) , friends since high school, the members of SWIM have taken time to develop their sound into a refreshing pop-rock sound that is as authentic as it is radio ready. After emerging as one of the top band’s on Long Island, SWIM has captured the nation’s attention performing at stages such as SXSW in Austin, TX. Following the 2017 release of SWIM's sophomore effort Finally, Someone, SWIM broke through with their first single “Heartbeat Connection” which has gathered over 250,000 streams on Spotify. SWIM debuts a fine-tuned, focused bid at powerful, alternative rock laced with pop overtones, with songs that revolve around themes of love lost, love found, and love longed-for. SWIM has just begun to work with Christina Chirumbolo (Daya, Renee Rapp) of CMC Records, who saw the opportunity to work with a promising young pop band, in an age of solo pop artists.