January 29th, 2020 | We are excited to share the release of our new single MOONLIGHT! This song  was written and recorded throughout 2020.  We wrote MOONLIGHT as a song that could help people to feel good, even just for a few minutes, despite what a difficult year it has been. Written while the four of us were in our own homes during the early months of the pandemic, MOONLIGHT began as a series of GarageBand demos exchanged in a thread of text messages before its structure was finalized and we could get together in the studio. We called upon influences like Grouplove and Lorde when selecting sounds and production elements, hoping to develop a feel-good, high-energy song that reminds you of a night to remember.

While the prechorus was the piece that we built the song around, the chorus of MOONLIGHT remained super elusive. The original chorus didn’t feel like it quite fit, and so we held out. Finally, it came to us, and the original chorus became the bridge, where we felt like it worked better. 

MOONLIGHT required us to reflect on our progress as artists over the past several years. We had to ask ourselves: how comfortable are we with pushing the boundaries of our sound from our alternative-centered roots towards the pop-rock production styles of producers like Jack Antonoff and others? Ultimately, we owe the growth of the song in large part to the vision of our producer Nick Zinnanti of ZIN Records and his ability to guide us in the right direction. We let the song lead the way, and we embraced the notion of genre-bending. Why limit ourselves, especially in an era like today, where artists are constantly exploring and reinventing themselves?

We know what MOONLIGHT means to us, yet we’re hesitant to describe our perspective too much, as we are eager for all of you to be able to hear it and assign your own meaning, your own STORY, to it. At the very least, we hope it can evoke in you the bittersweet feeling that characterizes a night that you don’t ever want to end.

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SWIM is a pop-rock band originating from Stony Brook, NY. The members of SWIM inherited a love for classic rock and combined it with their love for indie rock (The Strokes, The Kooks, The Killers) and pop-rock (One Direction, Coldplay, The Lumineers) to create a modern pop-rock sound that is fun and refreshing. Dan McCaffrey(24), Nick Riviezzo (25), Brian D’Angio (21), and Pat Morelli (21) , friends since high school, the members of SWIM have taken time to develop their sound into a refreshing pop-rock sound that is as authentic as it is radio ready. After emerging as one of the top band’s on Long Island, SWIM has captured the nation’s attention performing at stages such as SXSW in Austin, TX. Following the 2017 release of SWIM's sophomore effort Finally, Someone, SWIM broke through with their first single “Heartbeat Connection” which has gathered over 250,000 streams on Spotify. SWIM debuts a fine-tuned, focused bid at powerful, alternative rock laced with pop overtones, with songs that revolve around themes of love lost, love found, and love longed-for. SWIM has just begun to work with Christina Chirumbolo (Daya, Renee Rapp) of CMC Records, who saw the opportunity to work with a promising young pop band, in an age of solo pop artists.