"Start of Something" by SWIM | Press Release | 12.15.2023



Start of Something is SWIM’s first and only release for 2023, and it serves as a punctuation mark at the end of a year which proved to the band that they are not immune to the hardships which arise as artists navigate the course of time, grappling with personal responsibilities to continue pursuing their dreams and doing what they love.

Following the release of their Sleepwalking EP in late 2021, and subsequently their single Fingers Crossed in summer of 2022, SWIM enjoyed continued streaming success, posting record numbers at the close of the year, boasting nearly one million streams and close to three hundred thousand listeners. Since then, the band has kept its loyal listeners waiting for more music, working hard on their forthcoming LP, which was originally promised to fans in 2022. “As the album gets closer and closer to being finished, we have been careful to revisit each of the tracks to make sure that they are at their best, leaving nothing to be desired,” said Dan McCaffrey, lead vocalist. “Plus, we are continuing to grow up, and with that has come the challenge of pushing through to finish this piece of work which we are all so proud of, while also taking care of ourselves. Start of Something is a really emotional, vulnerable track that’s all about reflecting, and I think it couldn’t have come at a better time.” 

Start of Something is a relatively stripped-back, yet synth-heavy ballad which experiments with different instrumentation (including the prominent erhu) while being driven forward relentlessly by a bassline that climbs the key’s pentatonic scale and evokes an emotionality which we have not heard from the band before. 

Filled with the group’s signature vocal hooks and memorable piano and guitar lines, the song reads as a reflection by the author back on a relationship which has come and gone; despite their best efforts, “everything comes down to nothing,” and the protagonist is left with their thoughts and feelings on what they perhaps could have done differently, or better. The title is not introduced until the bridge, where the lyrics “this feels like the start of something that’s not your problem anymore” arise, directed by the narrator to their old flame. According to McCaffrey, it is here that the protagonist embarks on a journey of self discovery to better themselves in the aftermath of the love affair. “I think this song is so relatable because we have all been in a position before where hindsight has felt twenty-twenty as we look back to reflect on a relationship which has ended and left us feeling like we could be at fault, at least partially, for the way things came to pass. And as we move forward from that, we hopefully find more of ourselves and grow, but a piece of those experiences remains with us always. And we have to say goodbye to the one we loved in order for them to grow themselves.”

Written across several years, Start of Something was first conceived by McCaffrey in late 2020, when he was inspired by Frank Ocean’s Ivy and Taylor Swift’s peace. Both songs moved forward without hesitation, driven by their basslines, while showcasing intense lyrics to describe a special relationship, in the case of Ivy, and in the case of peace, a relationship which was undoubtedly under a certain amount of pressure. “Dan and I were inspired to write a song like these because of the way they made us feel. You have these artists bearing their hearts out on their sleeves in such a gentle but raw way, and there is so much synth work and other quiet but detailed instrumentation to support the narrative,” said Patrick Morelli, bassist and pianist for SWIM. “I loved the way the song never stopped moving forward while, lyrically,  it’s all about looking back. That contrast is what stuck with me.” The song underwent careful lyrical alterations, a few title changes, and some structural rearranging prior to being finished with the band’s longtime recording engineer, producer, collaborator, and friend, Nick Zinnanti at ZIN Records in 2022. 

Throughout the recording process, the track was subject to a lot of scrutiny, particularly at the hands of McCaffrey, who felt attached to the song. “Dan was very passionate about getting this song right,” said Brian D’Angio, the band’s drummer. “We drew on a wide range of references to give the percussion the right tone. We eventually found what we were looking for with HAIM’s Don’t Wanna. From there, we ended up re-writing the second half of the chorus to change the lyric.” Settling on “I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but in your eyes there’s nowhere to hide” felt right, according to lead guitarist and producer Nick Riviezzo: “The listener can really feel the self-doubt and exposure that the narrator is experiencing in the context of this relationship. When we are unsure of ourselves, or feel observed, sometimes it can bring out the best in ourselves. But far more often, it can lead us to make mistakes, or misjudge things, and maybe feelings get hurt. A lot is up to the listener’s interpretation.” 

“We are really pleased to announce that Start of Something is the final single we will share prior to the release of our debut LP in 2024. We could not be more excited for you to listen to this song and for what’s to come. We are so thankful to all of our listeners for riding with us from the beginning. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today,” said McCaffrey. “It has been a long time in the making, but we know it will be worth the wait,” added Morelli.

Listeners can stream Start of Something on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other platforms NOW. For more information on upcoming releases, follow SWIM on Instagram @swimbandny.

SWIM is Dan McCaffrey(vocals), Nick Riviezzo(guitar), Pat Morelli (bass, keys) and Brian D'Angio(drums). The band draws influence from other artists such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Neon Trees, Coldplay, One Republic, and COIN.

Find Out More: www.swimbandny.com 

SWIM is a pop-rock band originating from Stony Brook, NY. The members of SWIM inherited a love for classic rock and combined it with their love for indie rock (The Strokes, The Kooks, The Killers) and pop-rock (One Direction, Coldplay, The Lumineers) to create a modern pop-rock sound that is fun and refreshing. 

Dan McCaffrey (28), Nick Riviezzo (28), Brian D’Angio (25), and Pat Morelli (25), friends since high school, have taken time to develop their sound into one as authentic as it is radio-ready. After emerging as one of the top bands on Long Island, SWIM has performed at SXSW in Austin, TX and locally at venues across New York City. Following the 2017 release of SWIM's sophomore effort Finally, Someone, SWIM broke through with their first single, Heartbeat Connection, which has garnered over two million streams on Spotify. Since then, a wave of singles in 2021 as part of their Sleepwalking EP ushered in another new era for the group.

With their fine-tuned, focused bid at powerful, alternative rock laced with pop overtones, SWIM has continued to write and release new music ahead of their forthcoming LP, expected in 2024.

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