Pass By - EP



About "Pass By - EP": 

SWIM’s second EP, Pass By, consists of the two studio recordings of "The Chase" and "Pass By" as well as the stripped down acoustic versions of those two songs. Pass By was originally written as a piano ballad by Morelli in response to the lyrical message asserted by McCaffrey in The Chase. While Pass By romanticizes the idea of waiting for your soulmate,The Chase discusses the pursuit of that special someone, and the the struggles that ultimately arise.

Both songs have previously been released as singles. This EP allowed SWIM the opportunity to re-imagine the songs, and perform them in a more similar fashion to how they were initially writtenPass By was initially written as a piano ballad, and transformed into an upbeat pop anthem in the studio. Similarly, The Chase was first performed on acoustic guitar, being transformed by the band later in the studio. 

"Pass By" was written by Pat Morelli, Dan McCaffrey, Nick Riviezzo, and Brian D'Angio. It was recorded at WESTFALL STUDIOS in Farmingdale, NY and by Nick Zinnanti at ZIN RECORDS in Calverton, NY. The song was mixed and mastered by Nick Zinnanti at ZIN RECORDS in Calverton, NY. 

"The Chase", "The Chase - Acoustic", and "Pass By - Stripped" were written by Dan McCaffrey, Pat Morelli, Nick Riviezzo, and Brian D'Angio. They were recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Zinnanti at ZIN RECORDS in Calverton, NY. 

About SWIM:

SWIM is a pop-rock band originating from Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY. The members of SWIM, Dan McCaffrey(23), Nick Riviezzo (24), Brian D’Angio (21), and Pat Morelli (21), inherited a love for classic rock and combined it with their love for indie rock (The Strokes, The Kooks, The Killers) and pop-rock (One Direction, Coldplay, The Lumineers) to create a modern pop-rock sound that is fun and refreshing. Friends since high school, the members of SWIM have taken time to develop their sound into a refreshing pop-rock that is as authentic as it is radio ready. After emerging as one of the top band’s on Long Island, SWIM has captured the nation’s attention performing at stages such as SXSW in Austin, TX. Following the 2017 release of SWIM's sophomore effort Finally, Someone, SWIM  broke through with their first single “Heartbeat Connection” which has gathered over 250,000 streams on Spotify.

SWIM debuts a fine-tuned, focused bid at powerful, alternative rock laced with pop overtones, with songs that revolve around themes of love lost, love found, and love longed-for.  SWIM has just begun to work with Christina Chirumbolo (Daya, Renee Rapp) of CMC Records, who saw the opportunity to work with a promising young pop band, in an age of solo pop artists.  SWIM’s latest project has been working on their latest release “Pass By” recorded at Westfall Studios, and Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nick Zinnanti (Patent Pending, King Neptune) of ZIN Records  over the past year.  

Vocals - Dan McCaffrey 
Guitars - Nick Riviezzo
Bass Guitar and Keyboards - Pat Morelli 
Drums and Percussion - Brian D'Angio 








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