Heartbeat Connection

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In 2018, SWIM released Heartbeat Connection, a single ready to be the song of the summer. Describing the intangible connection between long-distance lovers, Heartbeat Connection shines with catchy hooks and a chorus listeners will be singing all day. Heartbeat Connection was originally written when the band secluded themselves in a cabin in Rangeley, Maine strictly to write music. The simple idea would evolve over the coming months as it was recorded in the studio, and the band released the polished track on April 27th, 2018. Heartbeat Connection gives the first taste of the band’s updated sound and songwriting style. The song has a special meaning for the band members who often deal with their own long-distance struggles. 

SWIM consists of Dan McCaffrey (Vocals), Nick Riviezzo(Guitar), Pat Morelli(Bass, Keys) and Brian D'Angio(Drums). The band draws influence from other bands such as The Strokes, The Kooks, The Lumineers, Neon Trees, and Coldplay. SWIM is currently playing shows in support of their most recent release as the begin to conceptualize their first full-length album.